Introducing the Solar Tree

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Introducing the Solar Tree

Mensagem por Njay » sábado dez 29, 2007 4:19 pm

the streets of europe could soon be lit by solar energy due to the fact that a solar tree prototype recently passed a key test phase.
the solar trees went on display for four weeks in october on a busy street — the ringstrasse — in vienna, austria. they were able to provide enough light during the night-time even when the sun did not show for as much as four days in a row.

"the solar cells on the tree were able to store enough electricity in spite of receiving no direct solar light for days at a time because of the clouds. they showed that solar trees really are a practical form of street lighting," christina werner from cultural project management (kulturelles projektmanagement, vienna) told

she said that the city of vienna was now in the process of deciding whether to install more solar trees.

"we hope that not only the city of vienna but other cities will see the merits of using renewable energy for street lighting to cut emissions," christina werner said. "someday soon solar trees could well be the main form of street lighting in europe."

putting solar powered led light systems on trees would cut down on the carbon emissions and also slash the bills of local authorities, she said.

street lighting consumed 10 percent of all the electricity used in europe in 2006 or 2,000 billion kwh, and resulted in carbon emissions of 2,900 million ton.

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